Back From the Dead

I apologize to everyone who reads this for not updating in what seems like forever. Here’s the scoop:
The Dejas are currently recording their new full length and things are moving along at quite the pace. Look for a release in early spring.
Mith Niles has finished his monstrous 16 song CD. Keep your ears open for it. A lot of great musicians on two coasts performed on this one.
Chrissy Cerretani‘s EP is close to finished and, I have to say, she’s putting forth a strong effort, especially for a first effort.
I’m mixing a song for the new Montgomerys CD on Naked Ear. I was also the fortunate soul who got to play bass on the CD, so Check it out when you can.
Lannen Fall is scheduled to come in and track a new EP this month.
Petrina Foley: The M.I.A. Sessions will be finished this month, I promise. Look for it at Music Is Art and look for more artists there soon!<br>I promise, promise, promise to update more often. Hope the holidays see you all well.

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