The Year In Review: aka 2009: The Year of Busy

What a year! Things gained, things lost, things remembered, things forgotten. Now that that cheese is out of the way, let’s talk.

I’m not sure where the time went this year, but a lot of things happened. I missed out on traveling this year, but managed to play up and down the East Coast with a few great people and players and have been reminded that I’ll continue to learn and grow as long as I continue to breathe. I couldn’t be more pumped for 2010! Many great things ahead; hopefully a year of great discovery, self and otherwise. Here’s a quick recap from the last couple of months:

Played about a dozen great shows with Girls Guns & Glory but I’m glad J-Maxx is back in action! With Mike Calabrese on drums, this band is going to do great things in 2010, beginning with their new CD on Lonesome Day Records.

37′ Productions artists The Dejas song, “Blanket Song” is in the opening credits of “Beautiful Life”…with Mischa Barton from The OC/ produced by Ashton Kutcher. Its the number one viewed video on youtube today:):) Check it outon YouTube.
Also, Vary Lumar has released their EP Plasticolor Coma and had a very successful CD Release on December 12th! You should all check them out ASAP!
Sarah Blacker has been playing regularly and has a January Southern tour booked, so get out there and see her!
Currently mixing Jo Henley, and very excited about it! With Ray Paczkowski, Tony Markellis and Russ Lawton (all of The Trey Anastasio Band as the rhythm section this record’s gonna be awesome!
More news in 2010. Until then, have a great Holiday season!

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