In Like a Mother F-in’ Lion!

To all of you wonderful people making it through this long winter, don’t fear – Spring is beginning! This will be the first week of Spring Training, the temperatures are creeping into “Do I wear a light jacket today?” range, and there are bird sightings in the Boston area! If that doesn’t loosen your britches a little, how about this?

The next 37′ Live! event is a mere 12 days away! Don’t wait, get your tickets here! For more info, you can go here or here.
The Dejas are featured in this month’s Glide Magazine. It’s a nice article and they prominently mention 37′! Read the article here!
De Osos has been mixing their debut full length CD, filled with loud guitars and reckless abandon. I love this CD and hope you do too!
the Brightest Lights have begun tracking for their debut full length. Bass and drums are done, now on to track Matt Johnson’s guitars!
Suzanne McNeil has been tracking for her next release, with the help of some of my favorites, Tim Mahoney on guitar and Jason Nute and Dave Leitch of Bone Dry System. Can’t wait to start tracking vocals!
Pete Montgomery‘s children’s CD, The Bugs, has gone into the very capable hands and ears of Mark Donahue for mastering.
That’s all now folks! Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks and months, and come out to the show on Saturday March 13th! Oh, and Happy Spring!

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