The Summer of My Extreme Content

My promise, to myself of course, was to update this blog more often than the sporadic, shall I say “frequency”, than I have in posts past. I have seen that approach fail in grandiose fashion, sadly again for my own unfulfilled self-promise. I’ll just have to learn to not trust myself and maybe I’ll learn my lesson.

In any case, here’s what’s been going on:
My dear friends Totem are back in recorded action after eight long years! This is an intense listen, so be prepared!
Suzanne McNeil has finished her CD, beautifully mixed by Duckey Carlisle, and is preparing for a fall release. Great songs, great playing, great mixes – a recipe for success!
Beginning the mixing forThe Brightest Lights‘ debut full length CD! I love this band and hope you all check them out!
Vary Lumar have started tracking their next release, this time a ten song CD. Those of you familiar with 37′ know how good this band is, and this will be their best effort thus far! They really are coming in to their own as one of the best bands in the Northeast.
Sarah Blacker has also started recording her next CD, which has started off amazingly well! Members of Session Americana came in, along with Tom Bianchi to Q Division on Tuesday and, with the engineering skills of Roni Pillischer and Sean Cahalin added to the mix, we got an incredible version of Sarah’s song “Cowboy”! More goodness to come on this one!
I was privileged to mix a song for Abbie Barrett in July, and it’s a beautiful song. Hopefully I get the honor of working with her again in the future.

That’s all for now. Be sure to find me on Facebook, Twitter and all other relevant social media. Until next time, hopefully before 2012!

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