August and Everything After…until Thanksgiving

Well, here we are, at the end of autumn, and so much has happened (new artists, a new baseball champion, a new congress) that I hope I can remember all of it. Let’s see…

The Brightest Lights have finished their debut CD, and the reviews thus far have Bren fantastic! The official release is December 22 at church,, so if you’re in Boston come on out!

Sarah Blacker second release, entitled “Come What May” is mixed and being mastered by the incomparable Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering on December 6th. There are a few guests on this one, as noted in previous posts, and we’re all thrilled with how the CD has come out! The CD release party is February 18 at Club Passim, so don’t miss it!

Vary Lumar is onto tracking vocals for their third release, and it’s shaping up to be their best effort yet! I can’t recommend them enough!

I mixed a project for Rob Loyot of Noise in the Attic in September. The very young (16 years old!) and talented Garrett Brown is someone for whom you all need to keep your ears open.

Bone Dry System is returning to 37′ in December. The plan is to record a 5-song, and these guys move quickly, so expect an early 2011 release!

Also returning in January are old friends . Seventh RoomThere’s a slight change in direction in store, although I prefer to think of it as a natural evolution, so this should be a fun and very cool one!

A few releases of note recently:

Tony Savarino‘s solo debut, “Guitaring” has been getting rave reviews even before its official release!, check out this one, and this one!

Totem has also been getting a boatload of praise for their self-titled return to local prominence. Check out their reviews in Hear Now Live Boston Band Crush and the RSL!

That’s all for now. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy all the great new music from 37′ and everywhere!

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