One Step Forward, Two Steps Forward

Welcome to 2011, albeit a few months late. I’m currently typing this from Peerless Mastering during Vary Lumar‘s session for “The Jig Is Up”, coming out digitally on April 9. The CD Release is at Church on April 23. Hope to see you all there!

In other news, the design for the new website is underway! The site will finally include studio photos, a gear list, engineer bios, a fancy audio player and the introduction of the 37′ Podcast, which will feature engineer roundtables & music videocasts with 37’ artists and a few special guests! Thanks to The folks at Owland Agency for their creative and technical talents!

Sarah Blacker has been getting some amazing press for her latest release “Come What May” check out this one, this one & this one. I love this girl (and play bass with her), and it’s great to see this great collection of songs get the recognition they deserve!

Totem is coming back in for a two song release following their very successful EP. I love having these guys in, and they’re recording my two favorite songs of theirs! Can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear them!

Xenia Dunford has started her debut EP this week. The incomparable Mike Levesque laid down some fantastic drum tracks and Xenia’s going to add her beautiful keys and vocals later this month.

Bone Dry System started their next EP last weekend. This material is a slight departure from all of their previous work. I hope you all enjoy it!

Brian Packer brought Yellowbirdd too add Steve Sinatra‘s incredible drumming to some great songs. I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

Mike Tarara is starting an EP next week. I look forward to working with Mike and an amazing group of musicians on this!

Last but not least, Seventh Room starting the follow up to their debut EP at the end of March. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! Should be a fun spring!

I’ll keep you all updated on the website status and podcast. In the meantime, enjoy SXSW if you’re going, enjoy the Rock ‘n Roll Rumble, and enjoy life & music!

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