Post Vegas 37′ Style

Hello world-

Sitting here at Peerless Mastering during Xenia Dunford‘s mastering session after landing in Boston just a few short hours ago. Had a great weekend in Las Vegas; made some great friends, caught Elvis Costello front row at the Pearl, saw the amazing Love Cirque de Soleil show (a MUST SEE for every Beatles fan!), had great steak at N9ne, just an all around fantastic time!

Now, sitting here listening to the master ply his trade, I wanted to update you all on a few things, like Vary Lumar in the New York Times & W Mag Too cool!

Sarah Blacker has been touring in support of “Come What May”. Check out this performance on American Hollar Live Concert Series!

In other band news, Seventh Room has been tracking away & we’ve been psyched with everything so far!

Mike Tarara is plugging away at his new EP, which I’m looking forward to playing for all of you.

TOTEM has a surprise coming up. I’d say more, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy 😉

Bone Dry System also has a new release in the works. Nothing new to add, but it’s gonna be awesome!

Owlandagency is working diligently on the new 37′ website, which should be up in June. All sorts of fun items expected, including a podcast, video cast, and more studio related things. I’m looking forward to having Brad McCarthy & Eliot Bayless’ talents on display finally, as well as a gear list & photos for all the online world to see!

In the meantime, I’ve been listening to Michael Brandvold’s podcast on the “new music biz”. Very cool & highly recommended!

That’s all for now. Check me out on Facebook, Twitter & right here! Until next time, enjoy every sandwich!

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