Like a Phoenix From the Ashes…

Welcome to the new & improved 37′ Productions site! We’re really excited about the work that everyone over at Owland Agency for the great design work.

There are some new pages on the site, an updated gear list, new photos, bios on the engineers working here, a list of audio & video services that you may or may not know that we provide here, all under this shiny new umbrella!

We’re excited to show all of you the new awesomeness coming your way, including the 37Footcast, which will feature roundtable discussions on recording, gear geeking, music biz as it relates to the local artist, and complete randomness. There will also be a Live at 37′ Videocast, a collection of local & regional artist performing live in-studio! In the meantime, check out this interview with Sean McLaughlin at Green Light Go!

Thanks for coming to check us out! Be sure to contact for any info or a free studio tour, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep checking back for more updates. Enjoy!

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