Spring Blooms with HDX!

Oh, how do we love shiny new things!

Nerd alert: The next few sentences will be all about geeing out, so please skip the next paragraph if numbers make you sleepy.

A nice, new, beautifully fast Mac Pro 12-core 2.66 GHz with 36GB of RAM is fully installed with an Avid HDX card and running beautifully! All updates are made and all systems are a go! We’ve been primed for a new DAW here for a while and all of us are looking forward to sessions with this setup!

As for this past few months, I’ve been lax in posting because of everything that’s been happening both in studio and out, so a retrospective post (or two) is/are in order, either later this week or early next. In the meantime, I’m headed back to geeking out!

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