The Summer of a Dozen Albums

With summer behind me and a moment to catch my breath I want to update you all on one of the busiest summers in 37’ Productions history!  Starting with a major event in early spring, I was honored to be named New England Music Awards Producer of the Year for 2012.  It’s an amazing honor to be recognized by a group of people so respected in the New England music scene and to be in the same category with talented producers who I admire.

It was a distinct pleasure to be a part of the post production/mixing team for Queensrÿche’s self titled release.  Queensrÿche debuted at #23 on Billboard top 200 this summer and it was an incredible experience to work with the renowned Jimbo Barton again.

Sarah Blackers third release, Precious Little Things, has received numerous press accolades over the summer and Sarah was selected by the website/application   Her continued growth as a writer, artist and musician is an inspiration to me and I look forward to continuing to work with her.   Sarah was also recognized at the New England Music Awards as Female Performer of the Year.  Well deserved Sarah!

Finished mixing Victoria’s’s self-titled debut album, mastered by Fred Kevorkian.  It was released in the May 2013 and has really showcased her talent and the amazing musicians on the album.

Completed Munk Duane’s EP Argue with Gravity; Munk is someone I have and continue to enjoy working with and the musicians in his band, Tony Savarino, Mike Levesque and Steve Benson are absolutely incredible.

Fil Pacino’s debut solo album Death By Lions is being released on September 22, 2013 at the Presidents Club in Quincy, MA.  Fil is an amazing talent; look forward to this one.

Tanner Walle’s Bodega EP has just been mastered by Joe Lambert earlier this week and is set to release this fall.  Working with Tanner is always inspiring experience for me and this record is no exception; his use of electronic loops with acoustic instruments always present a new and exciting sonic palette.

Boyan Haristov is releasing his debut record B11.  This is an amazing Jazz record with a collection of stellar musicians who recorded live in studio between May and July.  I cannot wait for people to hear how astounding Brian Holtz, Mike Levesque and Tom Appleman are.

This record is also bittersweet for me as it is the last session on which I was assisted by Mary Lea Simpson who passed away tragically in June.  Mary was the first assistant I had ever hired and will always have a special place at 37’ Productions and in my heart. She will be sorely missed.

Claire Maisto and I have been working on Claire’s second release.  It is a true joy to watch Claire’s growth as an artist and musician.  To see the evolution of a writer and musician so talented is impressive at any age but Claire is well beyond her years.

Totem recently completed mixing their latest EP which includes my favorite batch of songs they have ever written.  It’s been a long time between releases for these guys so keep your ears open!

Currently in the throes of mixing Kristen Merlin’s debut cd.  Kristen’s is a powerhouse of a singer and is constantly gigging (giggity) and her fan base is anxiously awaiting this great collection of songs.

Rachel Rynick is on the verge of completing the tracking for her debut cd.  Rachel’s previous experience as an opera singer has brought a unique perspective to making her first rock album and everyone is very excited for what’s to come.  Look for it December 2013.

Next on board, is mixing for the band Singlecast, this is a full-on in-your-face rock record; by a trio of great guys and musicians.  This record will melt your face off!

Just started tracking Big Lonesome’s debut this week, everyone is excited so far and we are looking forward to watching this grow and develop.

Brad McCarthy has been busy as well producing records for Last Call, Rob Pagnano, and Michael Rahman.

Eliot Bayless, along with helping to record the B11 record has been busy with the new release for Composted.

Steph Durwin has been busy in her first few months at the studio producing a record with Low Key Confusion, engineering for Paul Sullivan, and starting pre-production with yours truly on her band Box of Birds.


That’s all for now. Looking ahead to upcoming projects (some secret, some not so secret) in the near future. In the meantime, keep creating!

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