Back From the Groundhog Hole

Here I am posting from the couch at Peerless Mastering listening to Jeff Lipton make Sarah Blacker sound even better than she already does.

It’s been over a year(?!) since I’ve updated this page and a lot has gone on! Where to begin:

Vary Lumar has released not one but two projects this year, both of which are available on their website. Just click the link and they’re all yours!

OldJack put out a great record last year called “What Is Home to You” that I had the privilege of mixing.

Eddie Japan just completed a two song that should be released any minute now.

Benny Grotto and I have been collaborating on a few projects lately, starting with his band Box of Birds, fronted by our mutual assistant Steph Durwin. We had such a blast working together that we decided to continue our mutual admiration collaboration with Ruby Rose Fox. We’ve just finished two songs with her and really hope to continue working together, both with Ruby and on numerous other projects that may cross our paths!

Claire Maisto has continued her prolific pace of writing and releasing killer material. Videos for “Here’s to You” and “Psychopath” will be out soon!

Just finished two songs for Await Rescue. This band is amazing and I can’t wait for everyone to hear this!

Molly Brule Is releasing her debut CD on Tuesday! Check her out!

The other piece of big news happening: I have new neighbors! Steve Smith, Anthony Saffery, Aldous Collins andJay Psaros have taken over the room next to the studio to shoot videos, do electronic production, preproduction and voiceover work. Collectively we are called Hacienda Group and you’ll be seeing a lot more about this in the future!

More to come soon from Diana Inez, Jenee Halstead, Mark Lipman, The Wednesdays, Munk Duane, Fil Pacino and more!

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