End of Summer Update (aka Who cares about the MTV music awards?)

It’s been a long time so let’s get right to it:

Sarah Blacker’s new record “In Waves” is being distributed by Caroline/Universal. The combination of her amazing songwriting with the stellar musicianship to compliment it make this her best record to date. Don’t believe me? Check out this great video of her with Jed Gottlieb

Jenee Halstead’s EP “Edge of the World” has come out to extraordinary high praise, including this review in the Boston Herald. Jenee is coming back in to turn the EP into a full length and I couldn’t be more excited to continue this creative collaboration.

Speaking of great singers, Mark Lipman’s new EP “Goodbye Co-Pilot” has finally seen the light of day. Mark is a spectacular singer and it was a true joy to be a part of his debut.

Fil Pacino continues to work on his follow up to “Death by Lions”. Fil continues to write great songs and right now the challenge is sorting through which ones are the statement he wants to make for his new record. Look for a sneak peek coming soon!

The Wednesday’s have begun work on their second release, this ensemble is one of the nicest collections of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with; fun fact: we never get together on Wednesdays.

Aldous Collins released his new single “Bernadette” this summer with the surprise appearance of Steve Smith (Dirty Vegas) on drums! This, along with Lennie Peterson (trombone) and Sam Deschene (trumpet) brought this track to a new level for ACB.

Claire Maisto will have a batch of singles very soon, Claire continues to grow as a songwriter and musician and was recently interviewed where she said some awfully nice things about me….awww shucks! Thank Claire!

Ben Knight brought his band in to do a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie”. I hadn’t worked with Ben before, but this was a very rewarding experience both musically and personally. These guys can really play!!

Diana Inez has continued to record songs for her debut EP and has brought in one of my favorite bands B11 to play as her backup band. Being that this is one of my favorite bands in Boston I was very excited to have them on board.

I’ve recently been engineering a record for Jenna Lotti being produced by Susan Cattaneo.  Susan brings a wealth of songwriting knowledge as well as a group of world class musicians to this project.   This has already been a really fun project and I can’t wait until they come in to do more!

The rest of the crew has been busy as well. Zach Bloomstein has hit the ground running since his graduation from the New England Institute of Art. He and Steph Durwin have been busy working with Producer Andrew Odell on records with Mother Moses and Minor Moon. Here’s hoping they can move on to the letter “P” soon. Zach and Steph have also recently produced a record for Ellen Siberian Tiger and Cam Burke. Zach has also engineered a new EP for Todd Nickerson and Katie Boc. Also we are continuing pre-production this week with Zach’s band Snowhaus. Steph and I will be co-producing and Steph will be taking the reins as engineer.

Benny Grotto has also been through lately doing some overdubs with Aloud and GoZu.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading everybody; until next time!

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