As a musician and performer, it’s sometimes hard to take a step back and listen to your own music with fresh ears. Being able to work through arrangements and really listen to every part of every instrument in a song can help an artist be efficient and creative when the red light goes on. ¬†At 37′ Productions we discuss this with you, the artist, on parts, arrangement, and anything else necessary to make your songs sound the best they possibly can. During the recording process we work with the artist to get the results we’re all looking for. A common quote heard at the end of each project is, “It sounds even better than I heard in my head!”

Drum Tuning:

Eliot Bayless, engineer at 37′ Productions and founder of Gravity Drumworks, is one of the premier drum tuners in New England. Eliot offers his services both at 37′ Productions and on location for many drummers and studios both locally and abroad. Here’s a testimonial from Phil Dubois-Coyne of Revocation:

“Eliot Bayless was an integral part of tracking drums for Existence is Futile. From the range of gear he had available to experiment with, to his ability to get sounds out of my existing drums that I didn’t think were possible, he greatly decreased the inevitable stress of recording and greatly enhanced the final product. Especially as a drummer that sometimes glosses over the finer details of drum tuning, I was amazed by his ear and patience, and the end result was an absolutely massive drum sound.

Even acting as a producer, he brought many creative ideas to the table (which we would never would have thought of) that ended up being used on the record. All in all, Eliot was a pleasure to work with, and I can’t recommend his services strongly enough.”


Having a great musical ear is only half of the equation when making a great recording. Let’s be serious: Just because a great drummer knows his kit, he doesn’t necessarily understand the proper phase correlation of the mics surrounding his kit. Don’t know what phase correlation is? That’s one of the reasons you come here! Along with the extensive list of great mics & outboard gear, we have a crew of engineers who truly know how to use it all! Our drum room is a go-to room for a lot of freelance engineers because of our mic and gear list, and each and every one of them has come back for more!


Editing can be the most tedious segment of the entire recording process. Editing is not a creative process, but a technical one. Some of the editing services we offer include:

Drum editing, including sound replacement, time aligning (i.e.: Beat Detective &Elastic Time), and “pre-mixing”, setting up your drums for mixing.

Track cleanup: cleaning up previous edits & noise removal.

Reamping: Looking for a guitar sound from an amp you can’t afford or don’t have the room to track in? Bring a DI track into the studio and run it through one of our great amps!

Vocal Tuning: This is not the T-Pain effect! When a vocal is tuned here, it sounds exactly like the singer who sang it when it leaves here, only better! We have personally tuned singers on major label, award winning recordings, and we guarantee results!


We love mixing! We think you’ll love our mixing too! This is an aspect of the process that we all love and the results speak for themselves. Each of our engineers has mixes that have charted Top 10 in various national charts of multiple genres. Of course, mixing is also a subjective art form, so please listen for yourself.

Feel free to contact any of us; we’ll be glad to talk to you about any questions you may have & walk you through our process. We love our gig and would be more than happy to talk to you about any aspect of recording!