Sean McLaughlin

After working in Los Angeles for the early part of the decade with some notable producers (Andy Johns, Jimbo Barton, Carmen Rizzo) and artists (Rush, Elliott Smith, Marilyn Manson, Death Row Records), Sean McLauglin started 37’ Productions as a means for musicians to achieve high quality, label-ready recordings routinely unavailable to unsigned artists.

McLaughlin moved back to his hometown of Boston in 2004, collecting a vast array of gear along the way. In 2006, McLaughlin purchased a Pro Tools HD|3 rig and moved 37’ to the town of Rockland. The location houses all the aforementioned gear (Neve, API, Neumann, Soundelux, Chandler, Universal Audio and many others) as well as a large recording space, extensive list of available studio musicians and a prodigious amp and pedal collection that would make any gear enthusiast smile. In 2013, Sean had the honor of being named Producer of the Year by the New England Music Awards.

Above all, the studio provides a very creative workflow and comfortable atmosphere. The main tenet of 37’ Productions is to build a great working relationship with artists to get the best results possible, which is why a majority of artists who record here are and continue to be returning or long standing clients. Please see the client list and feel free to contact Sean with any studio or audio related questions you may have.

Eliot Bayless

Eliot was first introduced to the world of audio engineering in the late 90s. As a teenager, there was always a 4 track lying around the house which became of high interest. After spending lots of time making basement recordings with the 4 track, his brother later introduced him to digital recording.

In 2004, Eliot was introduced to veteran engineer Drew Townson (BMA Best Producer 1994, Twangʼem High, The Tullamores, The Fathoms, etc), owner/engineer at Flying Scotsman Productions. While assisting Drew on many sessions, Eliot had an opportunity to learn a lot about pro recording techniques as well as analog recording concepts.

After his time at Flying Scotsman, Eliot decided he would make his own way as an audio engineer. In 2008, Eliot began bringing bands into the 37′ Productions studio as a freelance engineer. Over the following three years – through hard work and diligent research – he refined his recording skills, many times working 24 hour sessions. Eliot was able to get premium results with limited resources, which allowed him to build a loyal client base, including Revocation (one of Spin Magazineʼs top 10 bands to look out for in 2010).

After working with many of Boston’s best metal bands (Sexcrement, Dysentery, Composted, and many others), he was asked to join the 37′ Productions team as a staff engineer. Since that point, Eliot has been able to work with many great bands in many different genres as a producer, tracking/mixing engineer, and has been a drum technician for almost every session at 37ʼ Productions since its inception and continues to be one of New Englandʼs most sought after metal producer/engineers.

Brad McCarthy

Brad is a Producer/Engineer/Guitarist who began his career in the mid-90’s working with artists and producers such as Peter Wolf, Powerman 5000, Bob St. John and Anthony J. Resta. Since then he has produced a number of releases that have charted nationally and internationally. Recent clients include the Delta Generators, Petrina Foley, O’Neal Armstrong, Nick Santino (A Rocket To The Moon), View From An Airplane, Barricades, and Feels Like July.

As a musician and songwriter himself, Brad understands the recording process from the artist’s point of view and enables him to capture the musicians’ best possible performances. His passion for music and his attention to detail keeps the creative flow moving positively at all times.

Brad is also a session guitarist for any style of music with a killer selection of guitars, amps and pedals. His playing has been featured on releases by Sarah Blacker, Petrina Foley, Static Of The Gods, and The Dejas.

Steph Durwin

Steph Durwin moved to Boston from Canton, OH in 2010 to attend The New England Institute of Art’s audio engineering program. Since then, she has produced and engineered for artists on Naked Ear Records such as Tony Savarino and Low Key Confusion. She honed her engineering chops at Mad Oak Studios, working on numerous projects with the great engineering staff there, including pieces of “Stomp” and “Stroll” by Big D and the Kids Table. She is also the head recording engineer for The Murdock Manor, a Boston local DIY production and design company. When she is not recording, she writes, sings, and plays guitar for a folk rock band, Box of Birds.